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Rural Merchandise

Rawlinson & Brown is your Local CRT Member. CRT is Australia's largest group of independent merchandisers and one of the country's leading agribusinesses. We trade within a network of more than 300 stores comprising over 240 agronomists, viticulturalists and horticulturalists. This means you gain quick access to the latest products and information to achieve the results you desire.

Rawlinson & Brown have been servicing our local rural communities for over 55 years.

Most importantly, as a member of CRT, we maintain our independence and have a strong community focus, allowing us to quickly adapt to changes within our local area.

Our Range

We stock a wide range of products to suit all your agriculture, industrial and home and garden needs. These include:
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Fertilisers
  • Cropping & Pasture Seed
  • Animal Health
  • Livestock Management Equipment & NLIS Tags
  • Shearing Supplies
  • Livestock Produce & Pet Food
  • Fencing Materials
  • Tanks / Troughs / Windmill Fittings / Pipes
  • General farm merchandise

Agribusiness Contacts

Murray Dempsey

0418 799 100


Steve Cave

0428 661 331


Ian Gregor

0428 689 096


Will Brain

0437 828 794


Ebony Barnes

0401 259 525


Taylor Mentha

0407 628 070