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Rawlinson & Brown offers a wide range of services in their livestock department through offices in Griffith, Hillston and Coleambally. We are proud members of the Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association. Our history with livestock marketing spans over 50 years and very few firms in the region can boast the experience, expertise and contacts of our livestock team.

Prime Lamb & Sheep Sales

Weekly auctions are held Friday's (10.00am) at Griffith Livestock Marketing Centre. View Sheep Sale Calendar & Draw….

Prime Cattle Sales

Monthly auctions are held on Wednesday (8.30am) at the Griffith Livestock Marketing Centre. View Cattle Sale Calendar & Draw....

Store Cattle Sales

Special sales are subject to numbers, please contact the R & B stock team.
Special Store & Stud Sales
Sales are held in Hillston

Private Sales

This long-standing method of buying and selling stock is available for both prime and store stock. Rawlinson & Brown have access to a large network of buyers, who will purchase stock on farm on a dollar per head basis, or cent/kg liveweight in the case of cattle particularly those suited to feedlot specifications.

Over The Hook Sales

Our highly experienced assessors will visit your property to inspect and assess potential stock. Both sheep and cattle may be sold on a carcass weight basis with an added value for skins in the case of sheep.
Liveweight scales are available to calculate approximate carcass weights prior to sale and delivery to abattoirs.

AuctionsPlus Online Auctions

Rawlinson & Brown (Blue Ribbon Accredited Agents) were the first to use this system of electronic selling of livestock in the Griffith area. Producers are welcome to view sales on the screen at our Griffith, Hillston or Coleambally premises. Accredited assessors are available within our livestock team to market your livestock via this system.

Forward Contracts

Producers are able to lock in a satisfactory price negotiated by our experienced team thus achieving more reliable budget and financial control.

Live Sheep Export

Live sheep export can be arranged at various times when trade is taking place.


Relationships with all major feedlotters (Beef & Lamb)